NPO Eggshell Membrane Association

About the EMA

Organizational Profile

Name NPO Eggshell Membrane Association
Established July 27, 2011
Purpose The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to contribute broadly to the public good by working to enhance health care and the health of the nation through programs aimed at expanding the use and understanding of eggshell membrane among the general public and through activities involving the collection of information on eggshell membrane and publication of such findings.
  1. Programs to educate the public and expand the use of eggshell membrane
  2. Collection of information pertaining to eggshell membrane
  3. Research relating to eggshell membrane
  4. Publication of research findings relating to eggshell membrane
  5. Other activities as necessary to achieve the organization's purpose
Chairman Yukio Hasebe (Chairman of the Board, Almado Inc.)
Vice-Chairman Masataka Ueda (CEO and Representative Director, Cecile Co., Ltd.)
Director Yumi Suzue (President and Representative Director, Almado Inc.)
Auditor Noboru Ninomiya (Executive Officer, Cecile Co., Ltd.)
Senior Advisor Shuhei Aida (Doctor of Engineering and Professor Emeritus, University of Electro-Communications)

Eggshell Membrane Association
Nakano-Sakaue Central Building 3d Floor
2-46-2 Honcho
Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0012