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About Eggshell Membrane

Advances in Scientific Research

Although the unique benefits of eggshell membrane have been recognized for hundreds of years, it is only in this century that researchers have seriously begun analyzing its properties from the standpoint of scientific theory.

One reason so little progress was made in the scientific study of eggshell membrane until recently is that the material is ill-suited for laboratory research, since it cannot be dissolved in water or broken down by digestive enzymes. It was only around the beginning of this century that researchers developed the means of hydrolyzing and micronizing eggshell membrane without destroying its properties. This patented technology opened the way for serious scientific research.

A basic research project on eggshell membrane began in 2002 through collaboration between one of our member companies and Tokai University. In 2007, the same member company teamed up with the University of Tokyo in a joint research project, whose findings have been presented at a variety of academic conferences. This research continues at the University of Tokyo and other institutions.

Through these researches, our traditional wisdom on the healing properties of an egg and empirical knowledge on how an egg can give rise to life are being verified through hard science.. Already these researches have paved the way for better health and beautiful skin through the use of eggshell membrane in cosmetics, health foods, and clothing, and it has fostered high hopes for a wealth of new strategic applications in health care farther down the road.