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From the Chairman

The first thing to know about eggshell membrane is that it plays a critical role in the process by which an egg gives rise to a baby chick.

Unlike a human embryo, a bird develops outside the mother's body, with no cord connecting the two. The egg serves as incubator, equipped with everything needed to sustain the unborn chick until birth. And the eggshell membrane plays a critical role in the incubation and birth of the chick. Adhering tightly to the inner surface of the shell, it gently envelops the embryo to protect it from outside microorganisms. It is also involved in cell growth and differentiation, as well as the maintenance of life functions.

For centuries, eggshell membrane has been prized for its efficacy in the treatment of wounds and burns. In China, it appears in the Ming dynasty pharmacopoeia Bencao gangmu (Compendium of Materia Medica) as a treatment for wounds. In Japan, records indicate that it was used as first aid plaster in the sixteenth century to treat wounds sustained in battle.

In 2000, a research organization was founded with the goal of uncovering scientific proof to support this empirical knowledge of eggshell membrane's benefits. In the process of scientifically demonstrating the material's health- and skin-care benefits, this research has also opened our eyes to a wealth of new possibilities for the use of eggshell membrane in preventive medicine.

The Eggshell Membrane Association seeks to expand its membership and work closely with other groups to advance scientific understanding of eggshell membrane's limitless potential through academic conferences and workshops, while disseminating that knowledge to benefit as many people as possible.

We hold to the principle the "science comes from empirical knowledge." For human beings, the fact that an egg can nurture the growth of 10 billion cells and give birth to a baby bird in 21 days is important empirical evidence offering a clear direction for further inquiry.

All women want to remain beautiful and healthy even if they live to 120. All men want to stay strong and active throughout their lives. We believe that eggshell membrane can help humanity realize those dreams and open the way to a brighter future.

July 27, 2011
Yukio Hasebe, Chairman
NPO Eggshell Membrane Association